University Students' Medical Insurance

The medical insurance of college students covers major outpatient clinics, inpatient medical care and fixed social health clinics, aiming to provide medical care for college students. In addition to the payment line, the items in the medical insurance catalogue (such as hospitalization fees, material usage fees, etc.) can be reimbursed according to a certain percentage, and the medical outpatient fee can be reimbursed up to 1,000 yuan per year.

The Medical Insurance Policy 
  • Apply Period: September to October each year, please pay attention to the email by Office of Student Affairs(OSA).
  • Medical insurance covered period: Each year from 1st, September to the following year 31, August.
  • Medical insurance fee: RMB 416.02 (2020).
  • Payment Method:According to the annual payment, the insured person will pay the annual medical insurance fee to the school unified payment platform Students who miss the time of the school's unified insurance payment, please contact the OSA teacher and send the enrollment request email to OSA at (For those who need to renew their premiums, please pay by yourself before the 20th of any month, and the insurance will take effect at the beginning of next month.) 

Applying for Medical Insurance Card  

Students who participate in this medical insurance program for the first time should take a digital photo and get the receipt to apply for a medical card. The university will arrange a specific session for students to take the digital photo, and assist students to apply for a medical card.

Please pay attention to further announcements on this issue.The university does not reserve the right of final explanation. Should you have any queries, please reach them at the extension number 12333.

Medical Insurance Card for Medical Use

The medical insurance for college students belongs to the second-grade medical care. Students need to fix the medical insurance card to Social health treatment center before they can be used normally. It is recommended to fix on School infirmary, Longgang District Chinese Medicine Hospital, Hong Kong Chinese University (Shenzhen) infirmary. 

If the condition exceeds the medical treatment capacity of the Social Health Center, it needs to be transferred to hospital for treatment. You need to issue a referral certificate from the bound social health center before you can go to the upper-level medical institution.

Fix on Social Health Center and Outpatient Clinic
  • Method 1: Log in to the website of the Municipal Social Security Bureau to log in to the “University Health Insurance Personal Online Operating System (个人网上操作系统)” ( and select a social welfare center in the city and fix on it.The OSA recommended School infirmary to be fixed on your card, so that everyone can be treatment in time.
  • Method 2: Directly to the School infirmary to fix. Address: The 1st Floor of TB. TEL : 0755-84273120.

The insured students are not allowed to change the original fixed social health center within 1 month. A month later,if you need to change the former fixed infirmary, please choose the new fixed-point social welfare center before the 20th of the month and re-fix it. After the re-fix process, you can use the treatment according to the regulations.

Medical Insurance Reimbursement Process

Please prepare the following materials in advance to submit to the 龙城街道行政服务大厅 Longcheng Administrative Services Building (No.98, Shayuan Road, Ailian, Longgang District, tel:0755-89916222) .

1. Insured social security card, ID card, bank card (Shenzhen four major banks or financial social security card), the agent ID card. (Check the original copy)
2. Original hospital invoice printed by the Finance and Taxation Department
3. Original disease diagnosis certificate
4. List of hospitalization expenses (requires hospital cover)
5. Inpatient medical records: (need to the hospital's case room to copy and cover the red chapter), including admission records, discharge record,long-term medical order,temporary medical order,surgical records,all inspection and inspection reports during hospitalization and the material with a unit price of more than 1,000 yuan is an import material or a certificate of domestic materials.
6. For the referral outside the city, you also need to submit the “Shenzhen Social Medical Insurance Inter-city Referral Review Application Form”Please report your hospitalization and reimbursement to the OSA.

Students participate in medical insurance for college students and have direct medical security service relationships with social security agencies.

The system maintenance, related policies and process interpretation rights of college students' medical insurance application are all in Shenzhen Social Security Bureau. The school is only an organizational unit and does not hold the right to interpret.
If you have any questions, you can visit the website of Shenzhen Social Security Bureau ( or call 12333.